Roof Cleaning in Essex by JetVac

Soft-wash roof cleaning is a very effective process developed originally in America and has only become popular in the UK in the past few years.

The process involves gently removing the moss by hand scraping it from the tiled surface and then applying a chemical through a low pressure pump coating the whole roof to eliminate moss, algae and other pollutants.

Many UK so called roof cleaning companies offer roof cleaning via pressure washer blasting the tile surface at high pressure sometimes causing damage to the surface and delicate pointing. Although this is the fastest method to remove the moss it is also the most aggressive. Some roofs even leak after this process and you can be left with the hefty costs for repair works. Pressure washing does not kill any of the root system it leaves it on the tiled surface encouraging it to regrow instantly.

In our opinion the soft-wash method is by far the safest way to clean a roof and also the most effective because of the way it destroys the moss root system the same way a good weed killer kills weeds.

Jetvac roof cleaning services in Essex have vast amounts of experience in this field and hundreds of very happy customers who have very clean undamaged roofs with gutters that can now operate as they should because they are not getting constantly blocked by moss.

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